our mission:

We'd like to think that our mission is pretty straightforward: preach the gospel to any and all we can, while seeking to strengthen believers in Jesus Christ in their faith and relationship with Him. Put simply: 



UNIQUE emphasis upon the word

get into the word, get the word into you

As with probably any other church, we believe we're a Bible-based, book-of-Acts style church. As with any other church, we hope we're right about it! But there's the rub. If we're just like any other church, then why are we here? More specifically, why are we here...in Northwest Arkansas? There are plenty of good churches in town, right? Indeed there are.

As for why WE are here and what WE are doing - what makes Calvary Chapel unique - we believe we provide a bit of a niche that most other churches do not quite provide. At CCO, our emphasis is upon meeting Jesus through His Word, the Bible. Thus, we insist upon teaching the Bible (not simply teaching from the Bible), and we insist upon doing so book by book, chapter by chapter, verse, by verse, by verse.

If the Bible is the source for discovering what God is like, what it is that He does, and what He'd have us to do, shouldn't we open it up, study it, familiarize ourselves with it, and ultimately seek to live it?

Our goal here at Calvary Chapel is two-fold: REACH the LOST and TEACH the FOUND. The best way to reach the lost with the everlasting gospel is through the authority of the Bible. The best way to see believers taught to grow in the faith is by taking heed to the Word of God. It's not complicated: get into the Word and let the Word of God get into you.

At Calvary Chapel in the Ozarks, you can expect to find Jesus-centered worship, warm fellowship, consistent Bible teaching, and a place to grow in your faith as you hear about what Jesus has done for you on the cross of Calvary. God has us in downtown Rogers for a reason and we're excited to be used of Him for that reason!