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We trust that as you dig around the site, most of your questions will be answered. If you'd still like to get some information about Calvary Chapel before you visit us (*Sundays @ 9:00 & 11:00am / Wednesdays @ 7:00pm), feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page - you'll find our address and contact info there.

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*Children's Ministry is available for our second service (11:00am) on Sundays.

in a word: balance

Thanks for visiting CCO's website!

Balance is a word we often tend to employ here at Calvary Chapel. On one hand, we're a pretty casual, down-to-earth sort of fellowship. We just don't take ourselves too seriously. On the other hand, as a fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ, we take Him and His Word VERY seriously. Nothing casual there. We're committed to the teaching of the Bible as well as the living of the Bible.

We seek to be balanced pretty much across the board; from worship to theology to the structure and style of our services. Balance seems to be the key; it makes saints from a multiplicity of denominational backgrounds feel right at home here at Calvary Chapel.

Hopefully, we find the perfect balance in all we do: REACH the LOST & TEACH the FOUND.

We hope you'll come out and visit us sometime!

Tons of blessing,

Pastor Jeremy


  • our style:


    We're a casual church. Again (as mentioned in the BALANCE section above), we don't take ourselves too seriously. We DO, however, take God and His Word VERY seriously.

    What's your style? Jeans and t-shirt? Come on in. Jacket and tie? Come on in. Casual,  or "business casual"? Great. Not at all casual on Sunday mornings? Come on in; you're welcome here, too. Regardless of your personal taste, you won't be made to feel out of place here at CCO.

    We agree with what the Lord said to Samuel (1 Samuel 16:7) - that is, "the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." Therefore, come as you are.

  • worship:

    critical to heaven, imperative for us

    We love Jesus, and we consider it a great honor to know Him and worship Him. Casually read through the Bible (Genesis through Revelation) and you'll see that worship is a major component of what heaven is all about.

    Here at Calvary Chapel, we love Jesus because He first loved us. Therefore, we love to worship Him!

    Yes, we have drums. And yes, we sing old(er) hymns from time to time.

  • bring your bible:

    we teach it here

    Teaching the Bible is sort of what we're all about here. Granted, it's all about Jesus and for Jesus. But we know that He is best understood through what He's already revealed about Himself. We find out what Jesus is like through our study of His Word, the Bible. As such, we don't simply teach from the Bible, we teach the Bible.

    While here with us at CCO, you can expect to hear a relevant study of the Scriptures that emphasizes personal application.

    Click HERE to listen to some of our studies.

  • children's ministry:

    training children to love jesus

    We love God, we love His Word, and we love kids. Because of our love for these, we have age-appropriate classes for our children during our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services. (Let's face it, we've simply never heard a child say, "Can I just sit still for an hour or so in an environment that's super boring to me?")

    We want the kids at CCO to grow into healthy, ministering saints. Our hope is that as they grow, we'll be able to give them a safe, fun, Bible-filled time with Jesus every time they're here.

    Children's Ministry is available for our 11:00am Sunday morning service.

  • youth group:

    100% spiritual, 100% fun

    We don't see it as a "50/50" type of thing. We hope our youth group is 100% fun while being 100% spiritual. (We'll worry about the math later.)

    Pastor Josh Duggan leads our YOUTH GROUP on Sunday mornings (11:00 service). Youth: bring your Bible!!!

  • our pastor:

    jeremy foster

    Jeremy Foster was born and raised in Orange County, California. Growing up Catholic, Jeremy always had a general belief in God. It was after he graduated high school, however, that he came to know Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior during a Bible study taught by Pastor Greg Laurie at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. He never looked back.

    In 1996, Jeremy began attending Calvary Chapel Bible College. After his first semester, he transferred to Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe in Millstatt, Austria where he met his future wife, Christi. Jeremy was asked to join the teaching staff the semester after graduating. In 1998 Jeremy moved to New Jersey where he and Christi were married. Serving in various roles at Calvary Chapel Vineland, NJ, Jeremy grew in his understanding of ministry and was ordained a pastor in January 2004. Three children later, the Foster family moved back to Europe where they served for nearly a decade. Most of their time was spent at CCBCE's new campus in Vajta, Hungary. Their youngest daughter was born during their time overseas. In December 2013, they moved back to the United States and Jeremy became the new senior pastor of CCO in January 2014.

    Pastor Jeremy's heart is set on seeing believers grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through His Word, and non-believers reached with the gospel message.

    You'll also find Jeremy at Rogers High School (where's he better known as "Mr. Foster" to the students there). He oversees the Percussion Section for the RHS Marching Band program.

    REACH the LOST and TEACH the FOUND!