COVID-19: UPDATE FOR 05.19.2021


This is a bit of an interesting update. It’s similar to an update from back in July of 2020. But…nothing like it all at the same time.

One of our members—and a key member of CCO’s Leadership Team—has tested positive for COVID-19. I mentioned a moment ago that I find this “interesting.” Here’s why: he’s already fully vaccinated against the coronavirus and has been fully vaccinated for several weeks. He is alright; no major concerns health-wise at this point.

While there is no reason to believe he contracted this virus while here at Calvary Chapel, this person was in the building this past Sunday (Sunday, May 16, 2021). I’ve wanted us to be transparent during this pandemic, so there you go.

Fully vaccinated. Still tested positive for COVID. Could definitely use our prayers.

We will continue to open our doors for fellowship and we will continue to sanitize our building like maniacs. 

Tons of blessing,

Pastor Jeremy