COVID-19: UPDATE FOR 07.08.2020


The last time CCO provided an update for COVID-19 was back on May 30th. The good news: this one isn’t overdue—there simply hasn’t been much more to say in terms of updates. 

It feels silly to say that it’s a “lose-lose situation” when we’re in the middle of an actual pandemic. Decisions need to be made, and many of those decisions are TOUGH. This update pertains to one of those decisions in particular: masks / face coverings.

On Friday (July 3), Governor Hutchinson issued an executive order that individual cities are permitted to decide for themselves whether or not people need to wear masks / face coverings in public places. On Monday (July 6), the city of Rogers held a city council meeting and unanimously passed an ordinancerequiring the usage of facial coverings according to the guidance of the Arkansas Department of Health.

That said, CCO’s update will be to ask people to wear a facial covering while here at the church whenever social distancing isn’t possible. We had observed a number of the State guidances/guidelines/non-directives for places of worship, and now we’ll observe the ordinance put into place here in our city.

In our circle of Calvary Chapel churches, we’ve seen at least one outbreak of the coronavirus already. I’d love for that to not happen here in Rogers (obviously), and if masks / face coverings will help stop that, then great, let’s do it. 

We still have medical type masks available here in the Entryway and you’re welcome to help yourself to one while you’re fellowshipping with us. We’ve also added additional hand-sanitizing stations in key areas of the building.

All that to say, we'll respect this ordinance and continue to pray that this, too, shall pass.

Tons of blessing,

Pastor Jeremy