There are now officially more than one MILLION confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of today. Buckle-up, everyone. And, please, hunker-down. We’ll get through this; the time table might be longer than we had initially hoped. This is still NOT a time to panic; not a time for fear. Definitely a time to look up, though!

As you’re aware, we’ve suspended our in-person fellowship times and have gone solely to live-streaming for our weekly services. This isn’t optimal, but having anything available at this point seems to be the new optimal. I don’t remember if I mentioned this verse or not in the past couple weeks, but it keeps coming to mind: 2John 12—“Having many things to write to you, I did not wish to do so with paper and ink; but I hope to come to you and speak face to face, that our joy may be full” (see also: 3John 13, 14). That’s how I feel, too. I can’t wait for all of us to be able to see each other again, but that will have to wait.

I wanted to take a minute and do a few things: make sure you’re able to connect with our live-streaming services, make sure you know how you can give if you’d like to do so, provide some online resources, and make sure you know how to download CCO’s app.

So here goes:

  • You’ll also find a section on the CCO app called, “watch online.”
  • we started live-streaming our midweek services last night and we were also able to link that to CCO'S FACEBOOK PAGE
  • we’ll continue to live-stream on Wednesday evenings @ 7:00
  • for Sundays, we’re going to shoot for 10:30am, but we’ll keep you posted about that as well


  • you can also try CCO’s “TEXT-TO-GIVE” option which is very easy to start and use
  • simply text an amount to 84321
  • this will ask you to select the church to which you’d like to give
  • find CCO and follow the instructions from there
  • if you haven’t used the ONLINE OPTION, again, click the link above
  • it will take likely less than 4 minutes for you to get started
  • some folks have decided to MAIL CHECKS directly to Calvary Chapel
  • this is a great option, but you should know that we won’t be able to make deposits on a very consistent basis
  • CCO’s APP also has a link to's giving page

FOR CCO’S APP, simply click THIS LINK on our page to get started.

  • it’s possible that you have our old app which is now defunct
  • if you have a question about it after you’ve visited our link, feel free to SHOOT AN EMAIL TO THE CHURCH OFFICE
  • you’ll find many different studies on the app - dig in

AS FOR OTHER ONLINE RESOURCES, here are a few great ones:

  • CALVARY CHAPEL VINELAND (CCV) - Pastor Jeremy's sending church:
  • CLICK HERE to find CCV on Facebook
  • CLICK HERE for the media portion of CCV's website
  • HARVEST is also loaded with great Bible studies from Pastor Greg Laurie and others:
  • CLICK HERE and start investigating their site
  • HERE'S A LINK for a free digital download of Chuck Smith's book, WHY GRACE CHANGES EVERYTHING
  • this really should be on every Christian's "must read" list
  • and, since it's a free download for KINDLE right now, so you can't go wrong!
  • If you'd like to dig into a fairly massive library of Bible study tools, studies, and sermons, CLICK HERE to get introduced to the fantastic site, BLUE LETTER BIBLE

In other news, CCO’s leadership team is discussing different ways that we can stay connected. I’m going to suggest this as a solid starting point: pick up the phone and call (or text) someone you know from the church and see how you can pray for them. You’re always welcome to email prayer requests to the church office (OFFICE@CALVARYOZARKS.ORG); we really do pray for those when we receive them.

EASTER. I should mention something about that, too. We will have a service of some variety, but we’re unclear on what that’s going to look like just yet. We’re still taking pretty much everything on a service-to-service basis, and Sunday the 12th is no different at this point.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. Let’s spend time in prayer. Let’s stay connected as best as we can. Stay in the Word. Trust God. Rejoice always. Do not quench the Spirit. Test all things; hold fast what is good. Read through 1Thessalonians 5:15-22. And look to Jesus—His return is just around the corner. Hold on tight!

Tons of blessing,

Pastor Jeremy

FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2020

IT’S BEEN SEVERAL DAYS since we’ve posted an update, though I trust you were able to catch THE SHORT VIDEO UPDATE from the other day. Not much new to report at this point—which is a good thing. We’re hunkered down over here but still able to find ways to get work done, plan ahead, share the Word, etc.

The most important update at this point will be concerning what we’re doing with our live-streaming service for this weekend. READ MORE


ON WEDNESDAY OF THIS WEEK, THE DISCUSSION of the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the United States was around 7,500 people. Today is Saturday. The state of New York alone has nearly 12,000 cases with nearly 26,000 confirmed cases across the country and a total of more than 300,000 around the world*.

That said, we’re going to maintain our course of suspending services through April 5th. READ MORE


LAST WEDNESDAY MORNING, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States hit 1,000. As of today, we’re approaching 7,500. The first case here in Northwest Arkansas was confirmed this morning. We’re still not in fear & panic mode; we are simply seeking to do what is best to keep everyone in our fellowship (and beyond) as safe as possible.

With that said, after much for discussion, research, prayer, and thought, our leadership team has concluded that Calvary Chapel in the Ozarks will be suspending all services for the next three weeks. We will look at returning to actual, face to face, direct fellowship on April 12th (Easter Sunday). All scheduled events in and out of the building are suspended. Please check your email, CCO’s app, etc, for further updates that will be posted here.

We’re expecting that our live-streaming services will...READ MORE


CCO'S LEADERSHIP HAS BEEN doing our homework, monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and discussing what steps to take next.

We’ve concluded that CANCELLING THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT’S SERVICE (03.18.2020) would be the most prudent option at this point in time. The upside is that we were planning to show the video, A VENTURE IN FAITH, in two parts for the next two weeks. Where’s the “upside” to that? The video is already on our website - we’ve had it on the “OUR HISTORY” tab of the site for many years.

CCO's YOUTHgroup is also cancelled for this Wednesday (03.18.2020).


FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2020

WE'RE IN A WORLD OF EXTREMES AND of extreme responses. “It’s not the end of the world—everyone will be fine!”, or: “You must buy at least three months worth of toilet paper!” Here we are, and this is yet another opportunity for our fellowship to show BALANCE. This really is not the end of the world: we just studied Revelation. This isn’t it. COVID-19 might very well be a precursor to many of the events / pestilences mentioned in Matthew 24 and Rev. 6-18, but we’re not in the Great Tribulation.

Having said that...READ MORE


CLICK HERE FOR A HELPFUL LINK to the folks at Johns Hopkins Medical Center to get accurate information about the coronavirus.

You might want to take a few extra minutes and watch the videos posted below.